Tomb stolen.

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  60 Minutes Totals


   Offered in English

About the Passion :

Throughout the Egyptian press Egypt is flooded with articles on suspicion of fake antiques at the National Museum, including the suspected mummies and pharaoh's treasure. If so, this would be the greatest deception in human history. At the same time, another archaeologist is missing, this is the third in two months. Following the discrete clues, they all point to an old mansion in the Valley of the King. As a detective, you and your associates decide to break into the house. What are you waiting for? Are all the clues discouraging you to undo the horror secret buried for decades?

Our passion can do :

  • Escape Room is a real life interactive game where your team will be trapped inside rooms and must find a way out within 60 minutes by finding clues, hidden pathway and solving creative challenges.
  • All the games from We Escape always about adventure and full of action.
  • From trying to escape from prison, running with time to defuse bomb or escaping from Pharaoh Tomb, it will be the most unforgettable 60 minutes of your life.

What we'll share :


  • We Escape is a real life gaming experience using 5D interactive technology. While a 3D experience only limited to the cinema screen, with 5D, customer can experience using all 5 senses.

Where we'll be :

  • We Escape Binh Thanh Tower Bcons, Ho Chi Minh

Notes :


  • At We Escape, our experts designed the games room following a proper video game design standard.
  • Thus, you will have chance to experience not only the puzzles, but the intriguing story, the high tech devices in a realistic environment. This will be the most realistic live role-playing-games you ever experienced.

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Flexible Policy :

  • Flexible cancellation: Full refund will be issued for cancellation made at least 48 hours prior to the activity

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