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It is your passion that will shape your talent, your talents will create masterpieces of technology, art, programs ... and guide you to great success. Share a different experience is to confirm your level.

Build and share the different experience programs based on your passion and talents to your loved ones and fans.



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life Style

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Music & showbiz

Experience A local ...


Calligraphy painting

Experience A local ...

New York

Dance Course

San Francisco

Learn Sailing Boat

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Wakeboard Cano

Experience A local ...

New York

Horses Ride Course

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San Francisco

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How to get started

Build share on

Share things to do, experiences worth exploring and learning. in life. Cherish those who have passion, desire and faith.

Love of work

Inspiring young people to be creative, passionate, nurturing and persistent in their journey to find work happiness is to find themselves.

Share skills

Program to share life skills for young people. Young people will learn how to plan, make a breakthrough at work, improve themselves ... when participating in practical experience programs.

Share experiences

Share open-size real-world discovery experiences. Conveying the message to young people the goal of sustainable development does not stop at words but also manifests itself in concrete actions, not the responsibility of every individual but of the whole community, starting from it's you young people - the generation of the future.

Practical experiences

Participating in the program not only explores the stories behind the work, but also acts according to the instructions, how to work independently, teamwork: where to start, how to work, how to work section of formation and manufacture. The results that it brings.

Positioning the future

Through practical experience programs, young people cultivate more love for work, people, nature and love for cultural values. Promote specific roles, positive, proactive, self-conscious and creative self. Find new solutions to solve your problems, yours and your surroundings.

Civilized community

Life would be lovely if everyday seeing lots of bright smiles on the lips from people around them, so friendly, and close, wishing to live in a community of love, sincere sharing, and help . Joining hands to build a civilized and highly educated community not only brings good relationships but also helps people to believe more in the value of life.

Things to do (Your Passion)

You love what you do and want to share it ?

Create an activity

Create an activity your way: Deepen your craft, or shed light on your life’s work by sharing it with locals and travelers.

A meaningful way

A meaningful way to make a living: Turn your passion into profit by creating unique, inspiring activities that appeal to everyone.

Inspire new

Inspire new advocates: Immerse people into your cause by showing them why it’s special to you.

Share your world ?

What’s an todo ? It’s an activity that goes beyond the typical tour or class, designed and led by locals or expat all over the world. Show off your city, craft, cause, or culture by hosting an todo. Create an activity, your way: Food tour by bike, light photography at night, tapas on a boat, or yoga (with goats). Create and curate a unique activity people want to try. Do what you love (and get paid): Scout for street art or surf at sunset, turn your passion into profit. Earn money without it feeling like a job. Get voices for your cause: Lead a hike with rescue dogs, or teach ethical fashion. Raise awareness of your cause (in a whole new way).

Ready to become a creators passion and experience new things with us? Checking out our policy and terms of use (Attach a link to the underscore for the partner to see before signing in) and design you unique sharing plan. We are here to spread your love of work to the everyone.

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