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About the Passion :

The HP ICE Lounge is the only café in Saigon today, where everything is made entirely of ice, with sculptures from ice, ice walls, ice tables and chairs, ice bars and drinking glasses. made from tape. With the temperature always kept at -5 degrees Celsius, HP ICE Lounge helps you fulfill your dream of entering the icy world like the North Pole in the heart of Saigon.

Our passion can do :

With the mysterious ancient Egyptian space, the HP ICE Lounge has created an absolutely legendary, magical space. There, you will meet Anubis - the goddess of the ancient Egyptian mortal;

You will be given the opportunity to become a frozen mummy to chat with the Egyptian gods on the glacier created by the mysterious stone casket of the HP ICE Lounge; You will try the "One-Time-Spirit" feeling when sitting on a chair reserved for the ancient Egyptian gods with a strong wind from the back ...

  • - HP ICE Lounge is committed to 100% ice cubes made from clean water. Drinking glasses from tapes were made within 3 days from pure ice and used only once.
  • - The space at the HP ICE Lounge is intelligently designed with many separate areas. The lighting system is organized and calculated to be able to change the unique color, help you own the most "shimmering" pictures.
  • - HP Ice Lounge has a "transition room" that helps you balance the heat before you go out.

What we'll share :

  • - HP Ice Lounge has a "transition room" that helps you balance the heat before you go out.
  • - The HP ICE Lounge is equipped with a warm jacket that includes a thick coat with a wide range of accessories such as fur boot, ear muffler and gloves imported from famous foreign brands. In particular, there are costumes dedicated to children.
  • - exciting EDM music.
    - Unique and seasoned ice sculptures
  • - A tempting menu with a variety of drinks, cocktails, mocktail, and chocolate served in a transparent glass that awakens both your taste and sight.
  • - Pumpkin soup is hot - the food is the most favored guests at HP Ice Lounge will warm your body in this extreme cold.

Where we'll be :

Busy work makes the time of rest more meaningful than ever.
💌 Please cherish every moment of being together in the air space -5 degrees C degrees in the heart of Saigon right nhé .

And remember our familiar address :.
📍 Nguyen Van Dau, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District
⏱ 9:00 - 23:00 every day

Notes :

  • - Ticket price: 120,000 / pax includes a selection of drinks and is fully equipped with warm clothes.
  • Cafe Tape prices have drinks, food is only from 55,000 to 75,000 when you want to add the second part onwards, the price is similar to other ordinary cafes.

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Flexible Policy :

  • Flexible cancellation: Full refund will be issued for cancellation made at least 48 hours prior to the activity
  • Preparation time before customer can book next class: 8 hours

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