Dolphin sport dive boats

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  Nha Trang

  15-30 Minutes


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About the Passion :

Hon Tam Resort is known as a green island located in Nha Trang Bay, just 15 minutes canoeing. In 10 years, after receiving this island, put into operation, Hon Tam Marine Joint Stock Company has continuously invested in construction, creating a entertaining area for tourists to enjoy the holidays without feeling extravagant. With renovated beach, smooth sand, calm waves in windy Nha Trang Bay, Tam island never stops bringing sea activities to the resort, and actually meet visitors’ interest. So that creating a diverse and unique on-sea entertaining zone is what our company favorably invests in. On 16/4/2017, at Hon Tam Island Resort, Nha Trang Hon Tam Beach Joint Stock Company held the launching ceremony of the top on-sea entertainment paradise in Vietnam. Especially, introducing a completely new sea activity in Vietnam and is the first time in Nha Trang, whose bay is in the top 29 most beautiful bays in the world. Nha Trang Hon Tam Beach Joint Stock Company has imported two dolphin and shark diving vessels from the US and put into operation for domestic and foreign tourists, exclusive only on Hon Tam Island in the next 2 years.

Our passion can do :

  • Two ships have been presented at Hon Tam beach, Nha Trang.
  • Our specialists in Hon Tam have received technical and ship controlling trainings from the US trainers.
  • The Seabreacher is a unique sport vessel. The Seabreacher Y carries the shape of a killer shark and Seabreacher Z carries a dolphin-shaped body;
  • They’re able to dive under the water and launch out of the water, like real fish.
  • The vessels have an extension tube system that allows the rider to experience the 360 degrees horizontally rotations.
  • These are the most powerful ships today. Each vessel is 5.18m in length; width 0.9m; 1.9m wingspan; weight 672kg; Rotax engine 1630 cc 4 stroke - 3 cylinders. A capacity of 300 horsepower with cooling part;
  • Low emissions and fuel tank can be filled up to 52 liters.

What we'll share :

Dolphin diving can be said as a unique tourism model for the first time in Vietnam.

  • Guests sitting behind the cabin of the ship.
  • Wear a life jacket and put on seat belt.
  • The driver at the front in the cabin is the technique trainer
  • As the submarine still floats on the water, the cockpit can open the lid for spectation, and it'll close when the the submarine dives.
  • Kieu Quynh, a 22-year-old traveler who was experimenting nervousness at first, was so excited.
  • Quynh said that while sitting in the submarine, she feels safe but also full of suspense... as if being in a fish floating on the sea.
  • The boat glided quickly, then dive into the sea, the glass is so clear that visitors can witnessed all things going on in the deep ocean, then the ship emerges, flapping up.
  • The Seabreacher has a two-seater design that is able to carry two people weighing less than 240kg at the same time - up to 190cm high, 185cm high and travel at the speed of 65km/h.
  • When diving about 1.5 meters deep, the Seabreacher allows a speed of about 33 km/h.
  • But if the user accidentally dives too deep, the Seabreacher will automatically reduce its power consumption and will automatically rise to the surface to preserve its performance and not endanger the user.

Where we'll be :

MerPerle Hon Tam Resor (Hon Tam Island, Nha Trang, Vietnam)

Notes :

  • Cancellations within 5 days prior to arrival will be charged 50% of the total booking value.
  • Cancellations within 3 days prior to arrival or departure will be charged 100% of the total booking value.

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Flexible Policy :

  • Flexible cancellation: Full refund will be issued for cancellation made at least 48 hours prior to the activity
  • Preparation time before customer can book next class: 8 hours

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